The hottest trend for e-commerce shops to contact potential clients with mobile device shopping habits appears to be Magento PWA Studio (Magento 2 PWA Studio).

1. What is a Progressive Web App?

What is a Progressive Web App

A web application known as a Progressive Web App, or PWA, leverages contemporary web technologies and design patterns to deliver a dependable, quick, and interesting user experience.

PWA websites load pages quickly, are safe, responsive, and work with all major browsers. They can function offline and behave like native apps on mobile devices.

2. What is the Magento PWA Studio project?

A set of developer tools known as the Magento PWA Studio project enables the creation, deployment, and upkeep of a PWA storefront on top of Magento 2.3 and later. It builds a build system and framework that abides by the Magento extensibility concept using contemporary tools and frameworks.

3. Advantages of Using the Magento PWA Studio

1. PWA Studio is not a solitary entity.

The fact that the Adobe PWA Studio for Magento’s solutions can now be used partially is unquestionably advantageous. You won’t necessarily need to refer to the complete code. You can, for instance, only use a portion of it, like Peregrin or the PWA Buildpack.

2. The structure and architecture of the app are pre-built.

This is a very key point that needs to be noted. The problem is that if developers choose irrationally when creating the architecture of an application at an early development stage, they frequently wind up making amends for their errors. Fixing something that was illogically ordered will take a lot of time if it is discovered late in the development process.

Consider that this point has already been securely addressed if the architecture is readily available as a solution. As a result, this is one of the most useful Magento PWA Studio features to mention.

3. An already-configured application builder

Another benefit of the PWA Studio is the chance to reduce the amount of time spent on development and handling preparations for the application builder. You may utilize the app builder immediately because everything is already set up.

Advantages of Using the Magento PWA Studio

4. The components of the pre-made apps are adaptable

You can choose from and use quite a variety of pre-made site elements while developing a PWA by using the PWA Studio. The fact that they can be used exactly as they are is their best feature. However, if necessary, the components can be changed and tailored to meet the needs (be they due to design or those changes that are required solely for the time of app development).

5. Routing and caching can be utilized without modification

The PWA Studio has strong strengths in the areas of routing and caching. There is no need to adjust or modify these solutions because of the way they are presented. Please take note that this only applies if your PWA uses the usual Magento-way routing.

6. The military personnel is prepared and ready to go.

On Magento PWAs, the Service Worker is a frequently used browser resource caching technique. The time-consuming setup work has already been taken care of, and the Studio is in good running condition.

7. More

In addition, PWA Studio gives you the useful tools you need to build a storefront for a Progressive Web Application.

  • Fast loading
  • Add to the home screen
  • Offline mode
  • Push notifications
  • Multi platforms
  • App-like experience without installing an app
  • 100% usage of GraphQL
  • Integration of numerous payment methods
  • The full report of sales, product views, etc
  • Quick and exact elastic search
  • Security
  • Customization
  • Personalization
  • SEO friendly

4. The disadvantage of Using the Magento PWA Studio

The disadvantage of Using the Magento PWA Studio

1. Code excessiveness

The Magento team definitely produced a lot of unnecessary code as a result of their best efforts to create solutions that were more or less relevant to everyone. In essence, this means that developers will have to spend time “ripping out” the bits of the code that are irrelevant to their program. Why is this action necessary? To put it mildly, too much code slows down website loading.

2. The impact of abstraction on code complexity

Because pre-written PWA Studio code solutions are available, using them frequently entails the reuse of undesirable abstractions or potential problems. This also implies that it takes time to understand and untangle the code because it can be challenging at times and cumbersome in some locations.

However, many of the Studio’s answers may not be appropriate for your situation based on the characteristics of the store you are constructing. For instance, the offered feature will be inappropriate if your store doesn’t require a product cart. This will encourage you to remove any code and situations that are inappropriate for your project.

3. Plenty of time to learn the pre-written code

In the context of application development, you should be wary of being given an “out-of-the-box” solution. Before starting to write their own code, developers try to take their time, read through the current code, and analyze it. This is done primarily to avoid having to create something entirely new (writing code for something that already exists).

4. No multi-store

When it’s necessary to support and manage multiple eCommerce websites based on a single platform with a shared database, such an environment is necessary. Chains of internet retailers sometimes employ multiple stores. Currently, the PWA Studio toolkit lacks such capability, necessitating the use of custom code.

A side note: It’s possible that the Magento PWA Studio team has already corrected this issue by the time you read this.

5. How to integrate Magento PWA studio?


1. Using Magento PWA studio

Using PWA Studio is the initial method of integrating PWA in Magento 2. To assist retailers in developing, installing, and managing Magento 2 websites with a PWA storefront, Magento released Magento 2.3 PWA Studio.

This approach demands skilled Magento and PWA developers right from the start (Magento PWA Studio Tutorial). It could take up to six months to develop your PWA storefront and new API utilizing the Magento 2 PWA Studio tools. As a result, store owners need to set aside sizable money for that integration.


With PWA Studio, your current storefront is replaced with a PWA version that connects to your backend through an API.

You can use a portion of the solutions offered by Magento PWA Studio. This implies that you are limited to using the tools you need, such as Peregrin or the PWA Buildpack.

You may save a ton of time and effort by using the ready-to-use architecture that Magento PWA Studio offers for your project. When you don’t have to construct the architecture yourself, this also lowers the dangers.

PWA Studio’s app builder comes with everything set up and ready to go.

For your project, you can use the site elements that are already included in PWA Studio. Additionally, you can alter them to suit your requirements.

With PWA Studio, routing and catching don’t need to be adjusted or changed (This is true if you are using the standard Magento routing in your PWA)


PWA is not all and is not sufficient for a user experience that is optimized. You are merely given help for PWA development. There is a Magento 2 PWA Studio demo available, although it lacks several standard Venia capabilities.

The Magento team has done their best to incorporate worthwhile solutions into PWA Studio. As a result, there may be elements that you do not require. It is advised to omit such sections in order to improve Magento’s performance. Additionally, before utilizing the pre-written code in PWA Studio, take some time to analyze it.

2. Using Magento 2 PWA theme

By using the Magento 2 PWA theme, you can convert your website to PWA in another way. ReactJS, GraphQL, and Magento 2.3 PWA Studio may all be used to create PWA themes. It consists of two parts: a sizable PWA storefront and an integrated API that connects that storefront to the Magento backend.

Your level of customization will have the biggest impact on how much using the Magento 2 PWA theme will cost you. This approach typically costs more than an extension, but less than utilizing PWA Studio.

Pros: The solution may provide everything a PWA should, including quick loading times on all platforms, shortcuts on the home screen, splash pages, full-screen displays, background synchronization, etc.. Additionally, the Magento 2 PWA theme offers a more comprehensive look for all website pages than the Venia storefront by default.

Cons: The PWA storefront still needs to be customized to suit your design. Moreover, you will need to evaluate your site’s custom features’ and integrations’ compatibility with the new storefront and update the API.

Advantages: The solution may provide everything a PWA should, including quick loading times on all platforms, shortcuts on the home screen, splash pages, full-screen displays, background synchronization, etc. Additionally, the Magento 2 PWA theme offers a more comprehensive look for all website pages than the Venia storefront by default.

Cons: You still need to modify the PWA storefront to fit your design. Additionally, you will need to evaluate your site’s custom features’ and integrations’ compatibility with the new storefront and update the API.

3. Using Magento PWA Extention

This is the simplest and quickest method for giving store owners immediate access to a PWA storefront, in contrast to Magento PWA Studio. You can look for PWA Extension possibilities right now in the Magento Marketplace and with Magento extension vendors.

The extension and installation fees, which vary according to the provider, must still be paid. Additionally, you can identify locations that offer free service. So, to select the most appropriate one, carefully analyze its features.

Pros: You may welcome the new integrated PWA version after spending just a few hours installing a PWA Extension on your website for a reasonable price. For websites with limited resources, the technique saves both time and money.

Cons: In reality, the majority of Magento PWA extensions available in the market are insufficient for the characteristics of Progressive Web Apps including quick loading times, offline mode, and background synchronization. Therefore, thoroughly testing the demo is always advised.

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