Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Overcome the tech talent shortage while saving time and budget with DevLancer’s dedicated teams.

We are different from a traditional IT staffing agency: we live and breathe tech. We are a software development outsourcing company that speaks tech jargon, builds long-term projects, and connects you to the right talent to move your project forward.

Full-cycle IT service

DevLancer offers full-cycle tech consulting and team staffing services. We analyze your project requirements and provide a complete estimate with the timeline and costs. Leave us the pain of hiring and managing your dedicated software development team.

Dedicated Teams Model

Need a dedicated team of developers for your next project? No problem! We will find and hire the right candidates in just a few days. We offer location flexibility, modern office facilities for the team, and only one bill for the hours (time-and-materials contract) spent on your project.

Custom Staffing

We help you find the best IT professionals with unique skills to match your project and bring it to life. We handle all your special staffing needs, from talent search to onboarding, and offer you flexible full- and part-time rates and offsite/onsite options.

DevLancer provides flexible, location-based workforce solutions

Hire a dedicated software team at your location or at DevLancer’s delivery centers in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Our Tech Expertise

No matter how big or small your development challange is, DevLancer offers you top tech talent skilled in any kind of software development and programming language.

  • Front-end Programmers
  • System Architects
  • Mobile iOS/Android Developers
  • Back-end and System Programmers
  • DevOps Engineers and Administrators
  • Java, Python, JS, PHP, Database Developers
  • Full-stack Developers
  • QA Engineers
  • Product/Project Managers
  • Scrum and Agile Staff
  • AI & ML Programmers

Simple Recruitment

DevLancer provide more IT services from our verified developers, development teams

Real Expertise

When you hire a dedicated development team, you want to be sure of its expertise, and DevLancer provides a proven expertise record.

It’s Your Choice

We give you a selection of our best developers to compose the IT team that suits your project specs and matches your business objectives.

Cultural Match

We are a global provider of remote dedicated developers, so we can get you people from around the world to match your values.


We do not waste time and our developers are ready to jump straight to action and deliver tangible results whenever you need them.

Quality Assurance

DevLancer gives you a team of QA experts to test the product, ensure its top-notch quality, and deliver the best experience to the audience.

How We Hire

Project Specs Identification

To hire the right people, we need to fully understand the scope and the specs of your project. We identify the project specifications and hire dedicated developers & programmers that match those specs perfectly. We give you a software team that fits your business objectives just right.

Team Assessment

We give you the opportunity to interview and assess all the team members of the dedicated development team for hire. You can run interviews and assessments you need to identify those developers who suit your project best. Intersog gives you the best talents only, so you can trust our choice too.

Straight to Action

Once the composition of the team is approved, we are ready to roll. Our developers waste no time at all and start working on your project straight away. Our goal is to deliver tangible results fast, ensure top-notch quality, and roll out the product that exceeds expectations.

Dedicated Team

With Mage.work, you can find dedicated team, dedicated developers to work for your project

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