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It can be said that the people inside a business are the factors that directly determine that business. Especially, nowadays, when every company is technology. Companies accept working towards digitization, telework, and e-commerce. That means the need to find top tech talents is increasingly fierce.

In order to recruit top technology talents, many companies have offered a series of benefits: salary and bonus, working regime, … to attract those talents. But it seems that top tech talent is now looking for something more.

If you are wondering: how to make your company a place to attract and become their ideal destination. I believe this article is precisely what you are looking for

I. What is the Top Tech Talent

Tech Talent simply means people with outstanding skills that are sought after by companies, especially technology companies. They can be software developers, information technology specialists, engineers or computer data, and many other positions. They are promised to bring outstanding value to the company’s development. Bring many benefits as well as profits for those companies.

II. Why do you need to hire Top Tech Talents?

As noted above, today, every company is a technology company. Now that technology has taken on such an important place, the ambition to find top tech talent is not limited to tech giants or E-commerce Solution companies like we still thinking. Any company selling electronic components, and shipping, … all needs top tech talent.

Top Tech Talents

Because they are not simply coders anymore, they are active participants in the business and determine the success or failure of that company.

Simply, when you have a good product, and it has not been well received by the market. If it was 20 years ago, you can blame the times. If it was 10 years ago, you can blame it on Marketing. But if it’s now, it’s probably because you don’t have a team of top tech talent yet.

III. The Challenge of Tech Recruiting

A study has shown that: It is estimated that by 2030, the labor skills shortage in the information technology field may reach 4.3 million (According to Korn Ferry, 2018). Such demand outstrips supply making businesses understand that owning top tech talent is really necessary.

To achieve this, companies have been really a headache. They are forced to come up with the most attractive recruitment strategies. Implement many attractive salaries and bonus regimes to attract talents.

However, not all companies are successful. To be able to do this takes a lot of time and effort. You are wondering: So what to do in the end? Continue reading below!

IV. How to Find Top Tech Talents

4.1. Build your brand, and establish your presence in the field of technology.

Building and developing an Employer Brand is exactly what I want to talk about here.

As you can see, the giants in the IT industry like Google, Microsoft, and Slack, … are always the gathering places of top technology talents. This is also quite understandable because whether at recruitment time or not, their presence is always everywhere: in each product, conference, examples, … And when recruiting time When they arrive, they are the first destinations that talented technology candidates think of.

Tech Recruiting

Therefore, if you want your company to be in the top places where Top Tech Talents want to stick, you should try to build and prove your presence in this industry. How? You can refer to a few ways below:

  • Increase reach to candidates: The simplest way you can increase your reach to candidates is through the company’s media.
    You can build relevant blog posts, news, and videos on your channel. Try to build content that is not much PR, but brings real value to readers. This not only helps your company to access more technology talent but also plays a significant part in developing the image, brand, and reputation of the company.
    You can also use media advertising services to increase your reach
  • Participate in events and conferences: Events here include both online and offline. Or if possible, you can organize your own event. This allows you to control how often you appear here. However, this takes a lot of time, effort, and cost.
  • Internal communication: A seemingly simple thing, but can bring extremely powerful effects. You must have heard about the power of Word Of Mouth Marketing. Building a successful internal culture will help people get to know your company in the most authentic and effective way.

4.2. Design a smart and modern recruitment strategy

Nowadays, you can easily find a recruitment strategy online. There are many types of strategies for you to choose from. At its core, however, a smart and modern recruiting strategy is one that’s built on data.

With such a construction, combined with modern HR software, you can easily process and evaluate a large amount of candidate data to find the most suitable person.

Smart and modern recruitment strategy

I’m not denying that you will only get to know a candidate better through an interview. However, the previous filtering of CVs from many different sources will help you have an objective view of each candidate. With pre-interview candidate assessment, you can see their strengths and weaknesses as well as an overview of their experience and skills.

Next to the interview round, there is much software that allows you to perform a competency test of previously selected candidates. This software gives relatively accurate results and is extremely fast. This saves time for both parties, as well as shows the level of professionalism and seriousness of your company towards this recruitment process.

4.3. Join your current team in the hiring process

In a competition, the best person is not necessarily the winner.

In an interview, too, the person chosen is not necessarily the best. Which is the most suitable person for the position the company is looking for.

The question is: How do you know if the person is really the right fit?

Usually, the hiring will be managed by another department. They will often rely on the candidate’s experience and availability, to recommend the best person. But this will easily lead to a risk to the team’s culture.

This will be easily solved if the person making the hiring decision is someone who is involved in the project or understands the work of the position to be applied for. During the exchange process, if the recruited person clearly understands what they need to do, the skills and requirements for this position. They will be more likely to sympathize with the company.

At the same time, recruiters also easy to grasp the story, as well as have the appropriate communication method and tone. This is to create a feeling for candidates, they can participate in an environment with a professional team, and many opportunities. From there, the opportunity for your company to absorb a technology talent will also be easier.

4.4. Understand the value of your employees and pay them accordingly

One of the extremely important criteria in sticking with the company today is: being recognized. This is evident in the salary, benefits, and opportunities that the company can bring to top tech talent.

hiring process

Obviously, while salary isn’t everything, you can’t pay a low salary and expect to hire the best tech talent. There are companies out there that are willing to pay sky-high prices in the hope of finding talented people for their company.

If you want to fix this, it’s very simple, go back to note 2: Database-driven recruiting strategy. Make sure you understand the labor market and the salaries that companies in the same industry can offer before announcing any vacancies for any position.

You may not be as competitive in salary as some other companies. No problem. But if you want to bring those top tech talents to your team, you have to create reasons for them to choose you or simply, make the right moves.

Example: Instead of choosing candidates with 1-3 years of experience, many companies decide to hire staff directly from universities as a way to reduce costs. It’s also easier to get top tech talent from here. Of course, to do this, you will have to accept training them from scratch. And the initial staff must also have hard enough people to train them properly.

Another example: For 40-50-year-old developers, when salary is not their top priority anymore. They want to rebalance their lives. The more relaxed time requirements are also a big plus.

4.5. Invest in technology

It’s true that most of the top tech professionals have one thing in common: A passion for learning about tech gadgets. They usually look pretty closely at the technology your company is using.

Working with the best, most modern equipment is always exciting for them. No one wants to feel inferior to their industry peers: I’ve had this device, how about you?

In addition, the provision of advanced technology equipment also shows the development perspective of the company. In addition to ensuring performance, and increasing excitement in the working process for employees, It also shows that the company is always trying to update, develop and move towards the latest technologies.

technology equipment

Trust me! This is one of the secret keys to your company’s tech talent recruitment strategy. If you want to hire the best. Don’t hesitate, give them the best. They will give you the same results.

Therefore, even if your company cannot afford to buy the most advanced equipment. But at the very least, try to provide the same or more technological equipment that the candidate is using at home. This can easily be demonstrated through the devices you use and the apps from the interview.

4.6. Not limited by geographical borders

In today’s technology era, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic, it seems that geographical distance is no longer an obstacle for companies. Especially tech companies.

Companies are more comfortable in selecting candidates, not necessarily in the same city. And even so, their work efficiency does not seem to have much impact. Because at this time, technology talents can perform tasks in many different ways, anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, expand your recruitment network. This will also allow your employees to be exposed to a wider variety of practices by all of the world’s tech talent. Along with that, you will also find it easier to hire the right candidate.

4.7. Adjust the working schedule and salary packages for each individual

As mentioned above, salary is not a prerequisite for everyone when choosing a job. Nowadays, candidates tend to have more work-life balance. Therefore, providing a work schedule that suits the needs and desires of each person will help people be more interested in deciding whether to stick with the company or not. As long as they can meet the deadline on time without having to worry about overtime?

If you can manage projects and time in such a flexible way. I firmly believe that, on the candidate’s side, they will also feel trusted and devoted on the basis of life balance. This will be a huge plus

Besides, the payment of wages to employees without salary: such as providing services: childcare, health examination, … is also a huge plus point you should have.

4.8. Offers exciting career paths

It can be said that it is extremely rare for an employee to stick with the company from the time they graduate until retirement. Especially for the information technology industry. When there are so many temptations, the invitation of industry competitors is made for top tech talent.

The reason is simple: Talented people are always tempted by newer challenges. They jump on many projects in many companies to try their hand, as well as help their salary increase significantly.

If you want to retain these top talents, show them in your company that they are respected, dedicated, and recognized.

Offers exciting career paths

Let them think: they are not salarymen, they are the creators of the company’s success. Give them the opportunity to change their roles, be challenged with many projects, and chart out a career path with a clear path of promotion and salary increase.

V. Last Word.

Above are the secrets of Helping Your Company Find Top Tech Talents. To be able to find the best candidates, come up with a smart, perfect recruitment strategy. Then try to convince the candidate before your competitors do. Show them your company is a dream place where all top tech talent wants to work.

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