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Nowadays, The increasing demand for Software Development as a popular Service, in turn, translates to more demand for skilled web developers to help innovators and entrepreneurs execute their ideas. Those that indulge in developing software as a product or Hire Dedicated Back-End Developers to help them push and expand their website.

This article will give you more understanding of back-end developers; in-demand programming languages as well as where and how to hire the right back-end developer; the attractive salary; some tips for passing the interviews and so on.

Let’s check it out!

I. Back-end Developer Definition

Hire Dedicated Back-End Developers

BackEnd developers are responsible for writing the code and programs to operate applications and websites.

They are responsible for optimizing the speed and performance of the website or application, building the logic for the best user experience. BackEnd developers often work with the FrontEnd department to provide server data.

While BackEnd’s work is not intuitive, it plays an important part, because, without it, the application and website cannot function.

II. Most In-Demand Programming Languages:

2.1. JAVA

In the first place, Java is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language based on classes. Java has a syntax quite close to C and C++ but is simpler and has fewer low-level processing features. Therefore, the Java programming language is more suitable for beginners to learn to program. 

Java is a very popular programming language and has dominated the field since the early 2000s until now. Java has been used in different fields: Web development, Framework, Big Data, and so on.

Thanks to just-in-time compilation technology. Java currently runs many times faster than Python, PHP, Perl… and is equivalent to C#. Normally Java runs slower than C/C++ but in some special cases, Java can also run faster than C/C++.

Java was created with the following criteria: Write Once, Run Anywhere 

Especially, Java has a lot of features, that will help a back-end developer such as Simplicity, Portable, Object Oriented, Security, Flexible, Distributed, Powerful, High performance, Interpretation, Multithreading, etc.


programming languages

Guido van Rossum created Python, a powerful, high-level, object-oriented programming language. It’s simple to learn and is quickly becoming one of the best introductory programming languages for beginners. Python has powerful high-level data structures as well as a straightforward yet effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s command syntax is a huge plus as its clarity, ease of understanding, and flexible typing make it rapidly becoming an ideal language for scripting and application development in a wide variety of fields, in most areas. all platforms.

In Addition, the main features of Python are an advantage to the back-end developer including Simple programming language, easy to learn, Free, open-source, Portability, Extensible and embeddable, High-Level Interpreted Language, Large standard library to solve common tasks, Object-Oriented

It’s believed that Python is so easy to learn, because of simple syntax, and less code. That is the reason why professionals usually advise juniors should start with Python languages in the first step. 

2.3. Node.js

 NodeJS is a platform built on top of the V8 JavaScript Engine an interpreter that executes JavaScript code that makes building web applications simple and easily extensible. If you want to become a Back-end Development, you are definitely clear about NodeJS language. 

To be a web developer in generals, back-end developers in specific, NodeJS is an important programming language, that helps your codes smooth and quick. Because of the below NodeJS main features: 

  • NodeJS is written in JavaScript with a large user community. If you need any help with NodeJS, someone will help you quickly.
  • Fast processing speed. Thanks to the non-blocking mechanism, NodeJS can handle thousands of concurrent connections without any difficulty.
  • Easily expandable. If you have a need to develop websites, NodeJS’s easy extensibility is an extremely important advantage.

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2.4. Ruby

The Ruby programming language is defined as one of the most externally oriented and widely used languages ​​for creating web and mobile applications.

It is a language that can minimize description content, its structure is also very simple and creates a high degree of freedom. Therefore, this is the reason why it is so much easier to describe the user’s description. 

Here are the features of Ruby that you can refer to: 

  • Ruby is one of the object-oriented languages ​​thanks to its ability to aggregate data and methods into one object. From there, combine them to perform programming. 
  • Ruby is a programming language with much more flexibility than other languages, and typically C. Ruby language has frameworks and libraries that are updated regularly, so it has extremely diverse functions.
  • The syntax of Ruby is considered to be free, so it is very beneficial for the development and editing of the user’s program. 
  • The interpreter methods are explained in detail about the program that has been described to run. From there, one can both describe and run the results so that errors are detected and corrected in time. 

Currently, Ruby doesn’t need to create variable data types, so you can reduce the description content. In addition, thanks to its simple structure and a high degree of freedom, Ruby is also a much easier language to express. 

If your fluency other languages programming, learning about R language is not a bad choice to improve your resume to upgrade the ability your hire as a back-end developer. 

2.5. PHP

In the last programming languages, PHP is a popular language for all web developers. PHP (short for Regression Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose programming language. More specifically, PHP is an open-source scripting language that runs on the server side and is used to create web applications.

It is a popular programming language pursued by many developers. Job opportunities for those who know the PHP language are extremely open. You can become a Web Developer, Back End Developer, or Full-Stack Developer if you master this language.

PHP has main features as: 

  • PHP open-source software is completely free to use
  • Easier to learn than other languages
  • Rich and quality library, strong support community
  • Great job opportunity, pretty high salary

It can be said that the job opportunities for those who study the PHP language are extremely large. As a back-end developer, competently to PHP language is fundamental to be advanced your position in this field.

III. Where to Find the Best Back-end Developers?

Back-end Developers

Because the Covid-19 affected, many companies are increasing the hire online-staff as freelancers. Employers could hire Back-end Developers via Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, or even Google+. Many groups or posts could help them find fit candidates. The Developers have made their forums to share their experiences and job opportunities. 

You could find the best Back-end Developers through the famous website or directed by technology companies.

In addition, They could find the Back-End Developers at their homes via websites for work such as Upwork, Fiverr, Topal, and so on. Lately, our team has created a new website, which belongs to developer freelances. It’s called Devlancer

Perhaps, Upwork, Fiverr, or Topal is too familiar to Developers. So, this article will introduce Devlancer. It likes any work website, but it is the more narrow area for Web Development. In Devlancer, you will work with talented people at the most affordable price to get the most out of your time and cost. 

IV. What are Back-end Developer Pay Rates

As a Back-End Developers, you have to have fluency with almost all programming languages as the author mentioned above: Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP. Learning all of these languages not only takes several years but that would also hard to be master all of these programming languages. It is impossible for a Junior Developer. You have to spend years learning and using it. 

That is the reason why the salary of Back-End Developers is usually higher than in other fields. Depending on your work experience, as well as your ability to handle code, the salary will be different. But the salary of Back-end Development is supposed to be higher than others. According to Kinsta.com, the average salary of a Back-End Developer is about $81K per year, and it can peak out at $133K for a master Back-End Developer.

To receive an average salary you need 1 – 4 years of experience. The salary at different locations will also be different, due to the changing recruitment needs of the business. 

Back-end Developers with more experience and expertise often earn double or triple the average salary. For those who take up a management position, the salary can be up to around $133K/year (including BONUS)

V. How to Hire a Back-end Developer: Steps to Follow

hire backend developers

Has 5 basic steps to hire the right Back-end developer:

  • Set your requirements
  • Check developers’ portfolio
  • Coding assessment
  • An interview about coding
  • Social Contribution

It’s not easy to figure out how to hire a backend developer. It was never easy. On the other hand, finding the right backend developer,  is critical to your company’s success, particularly when it comes to future-proofing. A talented backend developer can help you succeed whether you’re struggling to scale quickly or need a way to attract more customers with fewer resources.

VI. Interviewing Back-end Developer: Steps and Questions

Below are some suggestions for Q&A interview Back-End Developers. Hope that helps you more confident and more ready to face a real interview:

  • Could you briefly introduce yourself?
  • What were your main tasks at your most recent job?
  • Have you worked as a Back-end Developer ever?
  • How do you document your code?
  • What is object programming? 
  • What is multithreading and how is it used?
  • What are NoSQL databases?
  • What was your most difficult team project, and how did you overcome it?
  • etc

In addition, the author gives you some ways to answer the questions related to Back-End Development: 

  • What skills do you have that are suitable for this Back-End position?

You can talk about your personal strengths professionally or personally that are related to the position you are applying for. Usually, the interviewer will pay attention to the skills related to the job performance. In terms of personality, they often like people who are agile and sociable. So please mention these points in your answer.

  • What is SQL injection?

Injection attacks are caused by a lack of strict separation between program instructions (code) and user-supplied (or external) input. An attacker can use this to inject malicious code into a data snippet.

SQL injection is a type of injection attack that is quite common. To accomplish this, an attacker sends malicious SQL statements through the application.

How to prevent:

Prepared statements with parameterized queries

Stored procedures

Input validation consists of two steps: blacklist validation and whitelist validation.

The principle of least privilege states that application accounts should not be granted DBA or admin access to the database server. This ensures that if an application is compromised, an attacker will not have access to the database via the compromised application.

  • What do you do when your boss asks you to do something you disagree with?

Employers want to see how you handled the situation and want to know if you’re opinionated.

You can tell the employer that, when there is a disagreement with your boss, you will discuss it with your boss frankly. If the request of the superior does not match the company’s policy, you will refuse. You also need to emphasize that you will not talk or raise your voice with your boss during a meeting or when he is angry. You will choose when your boss is calm to talk with the most goodwill.

VII. How Devlancer Can Help You in Hiring A Back-end Developer?


Devlancer created to the Development FREELANCERS, where they can share, learn and find all the things about the Web Developers. Some benefits of website Devlancer you can reach for: 

Firstly, Devlancer is a totally FREE website. If in the past you had to go to job brokers, register, pay a fee and wait for a while to receive a notification, now you can both save this cost and have more job opportunities at the same time without any FEE. Be proactive at hand.

Secondly, Devlancer is a simple website that brings to its users a comfortable and easy to use. Just need a computer or a phone connected to the internet, you have a very high chance of finding a good job or suitable community. This will help you in keeping up to date with job updates wherever you are, avoiding missing out on good opportunities.

Moreover, Devlancer is customizing a lot of extensions such as blog, FAQ, Solution, Portfolio, etc. You can search developer jobs, and learn or read about the Back-End Development knowledge through the others extensions.


In last words, the article could help you more understand about becoming a good Back-End Developer, the main programming languages, as well as the Q&A, to pass the interviews. Hiring dedicated Back-End Developers with the ultimate guide in 2022 from Devlancer by Landofcoder Team is the best solution.

We can help you improve your skills and find a suitable job by helping experienced and highly qualified full-stack web developers who can manage projects independently during all development phases. Devlancer also offers the opportunity to hire a dedicated developer or development team on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis, depending on the requirements of the project.


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