Why Choose Dedicated Developers

Are you tired of searching for the perfect freelance developer?

Are you looking for a reliable individual with proven capabilities and skills who feels like a part of your team?

Someone who is ready to take on work at the drop of a hat?

Stop the search, we’ve found them for you!

Our Key Differentiators

The search for the perfect developer can seem impossible.


Making sure someone has the right skills, the right availability, and the right attitude is a tall order! 

We’ve spent years hiring developers for our team and have perfected the process. 

We know what agency owners are looking for and we know how to make sure a candidate is up to par.

Our developers become a true member of your team.

Our dedicated developers have been through a rigorous testing process and are sure to impress.

DevLancer developers will work as a member of your team — in your tools and on your schedule.

You’ll communicate with them directly and should consider them a true team member.

Onboarding new team members is vital to success. We’ll make sure you get off to a great start!

 In order for our developers to integrate fully to your team, proper onboarding is essential. We will provide a framework to ensure success from the get go!

Dedicated Developer service includes

Developer 4-8 hours​

Dedicated developer 4hrs-8hrs daily, Mon-Fri

Works in your project management tools

DevLancer vetted and tested

Works on your schedule

Time tracking

Onboarding guidance

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