Freelance Magento 2 Developer

These days, The freelance trend is commonly favored by many people around the world. Especially in the development industries in general, and  Freelance Magento 2 Developers in particular.  

This trend is thriving and many people have given up full-time jobs to pursue these freelance jobs. So, How could you become a freelancer? This article is a complete guide to becoming a Freelancer Magento 2 Developer.

Let’s figure it out!

I. Overview

In the technology world, More and more developers want to look for new land to improve and expand their knowledge and increase their income. That is the reason why many freelance apps appear, like a tool for developers to expand their workplace. In fact, more demand means more supply.

Furthermore, freelance Magento 2 developers will be more flexible and convenient. Because they can work everywhere, and every time, no matter if it’s early or late. They just complete their job and the deadline on time. That’s okay. 

This article will give you some information about the things you need to become a Freelance Magento 2 Developer, the Pros and Cons, and release the salary you get when you become one.

Freelance Magento 2 Developer

II. What do you need?

2.1. Professional skills

To be able to become a successful freelance in general, Magento 2 Developer in specific, the “pre-requisite” is that you equip yourself with a solid professional knowledge base. In addition to the knowledge equipped in your field, you also need to actively improve through courses or knowledge treasures on the internet source. 

If you have time, you should also actively improve your foreign languages (such as English, German, etc) ​​and code skills to best support your developer. Because today’s freelance Magento 2 developer environment is very dynamic and always innovating if you don’t “refresh” yourself you will soon fall behind in this field. 

In addition, you need to clarify what do you wanna do Front-end, Back-end developer, or Full-stack developer. If you want to be a freelance professional Magento developer, you should forward to be a Full-stack developer. Below are some skills you need to become a successful freelance Magento 2 Developer:


2.1.1. For a Front-end Developer:

  • Have a good understanding of HTML & CSS (appropriate design for the latest versions is a plus).
  • JavaScript, Prototype, and jQuery 
  • Basic knowledge of PHP and XML to understand how to create templates using block.php and layout.xml

2.1.2. For a Back-end Developer

  • Proficient in PHP with the latest version and mastered the concept of MVC.
  • Database knowledge – MySQL is an option.
  • Understanding: Linux, Apache, Git, indexing, cron, HTTP requests, caching technologies (Vanish, FPC and Redis), etc.

More Information: TOP 9+ Magento Developer Skills You Need To Have in 2022

2.2. Another skill

If you want to be a Freelance Magento 2 Developer, specialized skills are not enough. Besides, you need to improve your soft skills, which help you get a goal and clients’ trust such as arranging schedule, measure time skills, “deal” skills, communication skills, persuading skills, etc.

2.2.1. Creating a personal brand


One of the important things to make a successful freelancer is creating a personal brand. It is essential. It can be helpful to introduce yourself, introduce your skills, and the projects you’ve done to demonstrate your abilities, removing initial obstacles for clients.

This self profile page should be linked to social media accounts where you can connect with a lot of potential clients such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twiter

2.2.2. Measure time skill

This must be based on real combat experience, the more you do it, the easier it will be for you to assess how much time each function takes, is there any risk, … or if you know someone with experience, you can give them a hand. Try it out and make an estimate. 

As many experienced people advise that you can increase the number of hours for the functions you have identified by a bit to be able to compensate for the functionality you are still unsure of, reducing the risk.

2.2.3.  Contributing to the Open Source Project

Contributing to an Open Source project can be used to build your credibility with potential customers. Be it contributing to a community project or creating a new one. Open source is reputable. No need to consider the deep reasons such as the ability “You are enthusiastic, passionate about programming”, “You are a person of good morals”… Simply because it is “Open”, potential customers’ ability will know how you program, your level.

2.2.4. “Deal” skill

To be a successful Freelance Magento 2 Developer, dealing skills are one of the most important skills you have. 

This is a VERY ESSENTIAL operation if you don’t want to regret it later. Before closing the deal with the customer, you need to make a list of the functions that will be done, it is best to have a specific quotation for the customer to see and then ask them to make a clear contract agreement between the two parties to.

If they have additional requirements for functions that are not included, there is also something to prove. Almost every project will have a derivative, you should also consider that if that part doesn’t take too much time, you should also support it for free to make them happy and maybe the next project they will find you.

Repeat MUST HAVE A CONTRACT, especially when working with them for the first time because black and white paper is the easiest thing to exchange and even your clients will need it to make sure you get it right committed or not. 

No matter who your customers are, old or new, making a contract is IMPORTANT. Never forget this.


2.2.5. Prioritization skill

This part is more important than scheduling because when working with clients, you have to know what they need to see in each stage. If you focus too much on the backend or give much time to any task, these things will waste your time. Lead for you difficult to complete your project on time. Should try to focus on showing customers the change with progress, don’t let the “tech” mindset affect them because there are customers they don’t need to care about anything.

2.2.6. Problem-solving skill

A freelancer means you are just yourself. That is the reason why you have to problems- solving skills. Because the nature of each project is different, there are many different problems, so it requires you to be able to research and solve problems with “all skills” to “get done”.

It is necessary to always be based on the amount of time that has been determined from the beginning so that you can come up with a reasonable solution, avoiding being oversized and leading to a disadvantage. 

Moreover, Good problems skills will be a good point in clients’ sight.

2.2.7. Communication skill

There must be a communication channel to keep in regular contact with customers so that they see you working professionally.

In many cases, when the project is behind schedule or has problems, freelancers often show fear or signs of “missing” and don’t see customer messages. Don’t be like that, the only thing you need to do is just frankly talk to the customer about the problem you are having and offer a solution together. That is the fastest and the easiest way to solve it. 

There are many freelance Magento 2 Developer who uses excuses like this, that my home has lost internet, my phone is broken, my computer is broken of all kinds without having a solution to solve it myself, it will only make customers feel more uncomfortable. They hire you to solve their problems, not them to solve yours.

III. Pros and Cons of a Freelance Magento 2 Developer


3.1. Pros of a Freelance Magento 2 Developer

Many benefits of the freelance Magento 2 Developer are pointed out such as:

  • Flexible working time: You are not constrained to work in a certain time frame like an office worker because this job works on a project basis and has a certain deadline depending on the client.
  • High income with professionals: Freelancers with solid expertise and wide relationships often have very attractive incomes. Magento 2 developer salary can be 2, 3 times higher than someone who does the same job full-time as them.
  • Freelance Work Location: Freelancer works on-demand without any fixed company or workplace. You can both travel and work freely and comfortably.
  • Cultivate the ability to work independently: You control yourself from working time management, creative ideas, and all work-related issues. You can create your own quota and set a specific price for the participating projects.
  • Self-control workload: You can do many projects at the same time to increase your income or do less depending on your needs.
  • Having the right to choose customers: When working at a business, you may need to receive every customer and do all the administrative tasks. However, when you become a true freelancer, you can choose the clients you want to work with to create the most comfortable mood when working.
  • Teamwork skills: Some freelance jobs still need the presence of companions. Therefore, the element of harmony and mutual respect is necessary to complete the work in the best way.
  • Have the opportunity to learn: Freelancing is an opportunity for you to learn, expand your horizons, and learn a lot of knowledge in different fields.

3.2. Cons of a Freelance Magento 2 Developer

Besides, becoming a Freelance Magento 2 Developers can catch some disadvantages:

  • Unstable: Finding stability as a freelancer is tough. Projects that can be postponed or customers end their contracts early are common. Sometimes you will find it difficult to find your next job after completing a short-term project. Being out of work can be a regular problem for a newbie
  • Customers do not pay: This is a problem that freelancers often face due to the lack of transparency when signing work between the two parties.
  • Loss of some rights: Health insurance, unemployment benefits, or social insurance are some benefits that a freelancer does not have
  • Responsible for everything: You have to do it yourself from finding clients to finding jobs, negotiating salaries, and many more.
  • Loneliness: You often have to work alone. For some people, this work environment can be boring.

VI. How much do you get if you become a Freelance Magento 2 Developer?


For the domestic market, the Freelance work form is increasingly popular in a variety of industries. Especially, Freelance Magento 2 Developer can earn more than office workers. Their salary can be appropriate $1000 depending on ability and negotiation skills.

In general, most freelance Magento developers work with international clients more than domestic clients via Skype, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Because these sources bring more income and expand their work environment.

Depending on their experiences, skills, freelancers will get different salaries. There are some double, triple even ten times. 

So, what are you waiting for without a Freelancer? 

V. Conclusion

Ultimately, becoming a successful Freelance Magento 2 Developer requires a lot of patience, work ethic, skills, and a huge network of clients and partners.

Hope that article will show you a complete guide to becoming a successful Magento Developer. Pros and Cons of freelancers, salary, and tips to catch that.

Thank you for reading.


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