Roadmap to become a web developer

The developer is a pretty generic name for software engineers. In fact, developers often have different specialties. They often play an important role in the software creation process. Because they are proficient users of programming languages ​​to write programming code. 

Thesedays, in the technology world, developers have many potentials and opportunities to develop. This article will mention the detailed Roadmap to become a web developer; forums for developers, some pros and cons of developers, advice from the master of web developers. 

So, let’s see.

The Detailed Roadmap To Become A Web Developer

Roadmap to becoming a web developer

1.1. Back-end Developer Roadmap

Roadmap to become a web developer in general and the roadmap to becoming a back-end developer in specific. Understood in the most basic way, the backend is the part behind the scenes, taking care of the data retrieval work, the operational logic to help the website run better. So the backend of a website includes the server, the applications, and the database.

From the definition of the backend, we can conclude that backend developers are programmers who decide how to operate a website. In general, their work is quite complex and requires a lot of expertise and high knowledge. That is the reason why the income from this position is also quite high in the general recruitment market, as mentioned in the article: “ The JavaScript Developers Overview in 2022”.

To accomplish those goals, back-end developers must master many languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and .Net, MySQL, Oracle, etc. Moreover, the senior back-end developers need to be influenced and flexible use it.

The first job of a backend developer is to build logic for the server system. The next mission, designing automatic notifications is also a job that every Backend developer will take care of. Third, they are the person who performs the tasks of protecting the system, creating procedures to ensure that the input data is valid before making other adjustments on the part of the user.
Additionally, A backend developer will have to manage the application programming interface (referred to as API – Application Programming Interface). Working with APIs and creating programming interfaces is an important job of the Backend.

The last but not least, accessing the database is a job that every Backend developer must maintain in order for the website to meet the requirements.

1.2. Front-end Developer Roadmap


Unlike the Back-end Developers have responsible for the part behind the scenes, Front-end Developers will take care of the look and feel of a website and the architecture of the user experience. This means that the Front-end developers need to master HTML and CSS as basic skills.

In addition, the Front-end developers need to be familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone, AngularJS, and EmberJS, to ensure that content always looks good on all different devices., and libraries like jQuery and LESS, encapsulate code into a more useful and time-saving form.

So, to become a master front-end developer needs

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • JavaScripts’ Frameworks
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Experiences concern to CSS Preprocessor
  • Design Responsive and Mobile
  • Skill to Solve Problems 

Many people say that Back-end developers have taken responsibility for the fundamentals of the house, while the Front-end developers have taken responsibility for the furniture of this house. 

1.3. Full-stack Developer Roadmap

Full-Stack Developer is the person in charge of both the front-end (designing UI, UX, and flow) to the back-end (designing the database and writing the necessary APIs) of the system. That is the reason why they can work well in two positions. 

As a full-stack developer you will likely be involved in the following specific tasks:

  • Provide the right solution and structure to build the application on demand
  • Manage projects and work with stack holders as needed
  • Write back-end code in suitable languages ​​(Java, PHP, Ruby, Python…)
  • Design and work on front-end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript…
  • Create and evolve database flags
  • Design and build APIs
  • Participate and participate in the application testing process.
  • Monitor and improve the performance of applications.
  • Participate in the development of technical documents

II. Some suggestions for Developers’ forums 

developers' forums

Forum for Developers is a place where you can answer questions in the process of learning and working with programming languages. In addition, a forum is also a place where you can share useful knowledge in your area of ​​expertise with everyone. 

Today this article will introduce you to some popular forums and websites for developers: 

  • Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow may be supposed to be the first forum for developers when they have a difficult problem in the programming process. Here synthesize more than 21 million common questions of many different programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Php… And when someone asks the question above, it will usually be answered very quickly and completely.

  • Reddit

Reddit is a forum where many people in many fields are concerned about it. Some master developers who share their knowledge for the community or some newbies create the question about developing.

  • Github

This is a forum where developers can share their projects, experiences, study, or work together quickly and easily. In addition, Github also has a forum to help us find solutions, discuss certain problems that we are wondering about during the coding processes.

III. Pros and Cons of a Full-stack Developer

pros and cons of developer

A Roadmap to becoming a web developer especially a full-stack job is very interesting and the Developers should strive to achieve this position because:

  • Full Stack Developer is easier to find a job due to having a wide skill set.

A Full-Stack Developer can switch to Front-end Developer or Back-end Developer or Database easily without spending much time or missing knowledge. Therefore, you are not afraid of being unemployed or bored with your job.

Another thing is that Startups and small companies often prioritize hiring Full-Stack Developers.

In the early stages of product building, companies need versatile developers who have an overall view of the system. When the product enters the stage of completion and further development, they need people with in-depth knowledge.

  • Salary is higher than other Developers.

Most of the job postings have the word “Full-Stack Web Developer”, the salary is usually higher than ” Web Developer ” with the same level. However, whether in the direction of Full-Stack or in the direction of specializing in a field can achieve great salaries.

  • Easier to advance

Because Full-Stack knowledge helps them have an overview of the system, which is essential and appreciated if they want to develop into Team Leader, Product Manager, or Software Architect.

In addition, because they know both Front-end, Back-end, Design… they become a bridge between teams, helping communication between teams and team members become more fluent. This makes it easier for Full-Stack Developer to become a key member of the team and of course easier to advance.

IV. Some advice for a new developer

For beginners, you should read Head First HTML & CSS, HTML5 & CSS3 for Dummies. Then there’s Javascript for Dummies, Coding with JavaScript for Dummies.

Next, you can go to Codeacademy or Freecodecamp to do Tutorials and exercises.

To learn more about Front-end, you can read JavaScript: The good part, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers.

Linkedin or Coursera has many courses for full-stack, back-end, or front-end development, you can search those websites on Google.

V. Last Word

In Conclusion, to become a master web developer you need to answer for questions: what do you want, why did you choose to become a web developer, what programming languages do you want to follow. The next step, need to find the right roadmap for you. 

Wish you success! Thank you for reading.

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