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Nowadays, the increasing demand for Software Development as a popular service, in turn to more demand for skilled web developers to help upgrade and renew their Magento store. Those that indulge in developing software as a product or hire Magento Front-end Developer to help them change and refresh their Magento stores.

This article will give you more knowledge about hiring front-end developers, tips to become the best Magento Front-end Developer, the potential of this job, the certificates, some tips to be master developers, etc.

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I. Definition

Many people do not know what a Front-end developer is? To put it simply, the Front end is the use of HTML, CSS, or Javascript programming languages ​​for programmers to design applications or website interfaces for users. What you see, “touch”, “surf”, and interact with on the screen is the result of Front end programming and is part of Front End Developer.

Usually, the Front-end of a website will directly interact with users in aspects such as: Identifying the main color, and logo; Exploiting information on the web (text, images, sounds, etc.); Using buttons, and toolbars…

So, What is the Magento Front-end Developer? They are responsible for the interface of Magento. A Front end developer on the Magento platform needs to know of:

  • Javascript
  • PHP, Jquery, Node.js
  • Grunt, Gulp, Bootstrap

In just a decade, the Magento platform has had strong development as one of the best eCommerce markets. That is the reason why I became a Magento developer in general, and Magento Front-end Developer is more and more popular. 

Magento Front-end Developer

II. What did Magento Front-end Developer do?

As mentioned before, the eCommerce market has dramatically changed, leading to the development of the Magento platform. 

2.1. Responsible for Magento Front-end Developers

Magento Front-end developers don’t just design an interface with unique features. Developers must ensure it is compatible with all types of devices because each device has a different screen size and resolution, even different operating systems. Because Magento forwards to being suitable for all electronic devices (website, mobile apps)

Basically, a Front-end developer (Front end developer) will be responsible for developing the external interface of a website based on the designs. A Magento Front-end Developer will be responsible for the interface of the Magento store, what is showing on the display, products, or extensions that are the client’s requirements. Those Magento interfaces will be first seen by users when accessing the website through a browser.

Magento develpers

2.2. The familiar programming languages of Front-end developers

The main job of Magento Front-end Developers exactly is what the Front-end developers do. Why does this article say that?  

Because Magento seems like any website. Firstly, developers create and customize the Magento 2 themes, templates, layouts, and frameworks by CSS and JavaScript programming languages. Besides they need to use some other front-end skills, that will make the themes run smoothly and quickly.

In addition, they need to know about Figma, or some design apps, which help them create and demo versions before processing. As well as using the Admin Panel to modify the appearance of specific pages and design-related configurations.

Next, Magento Front-end developers should know common markup languages like HTML and CSS. Because they need to do architecture and customization techniques that require technology stack and the way to use GraphQL, etc. 

Moreover, in recent years, the PWA is very popular in eCommerce. Many eCommerce stores changed from normal online stores to PWAs stores. Hence, if you want to be a good Magento front-end Developer, you need to know about the PWA tools and some libraries to build and maintain a Magento PWA Storefront.

III. Potential of a Magento Front-end Developer in the future


Perhaps, in the next 5 years, Magento Front-end Developers still be a “hot” field. But who knows that the development of technology is always at the rate of rapid change. It is this constant development that requires a new one to form, to be more advanced, and replace the old one. The web developers’ jobs in general, and Magento Front-end developers in specific, updating and refreshing the knowledge about the major is the most important thing to be successful.

One more time, In the field of information technology, programmers always have to update their knowledge constantly to keep up with trends to be both modern and avoid being eliminated. “ TENDING ” is a phrase that is always mentioned after every transition or transformation of a certain language or technology. Front-end developers ranked 3rd on the ranking of the most popular programming jobs about 38% along with the top 2, Full-stack and Back-end. 

IV. How to Hire a Magento Front-end Developer? 

Has 5 basic steps to hiring the right Back-end developer:

  • Set your requirements, which help you hire the best developer
  • Check developers’ portfolios to know that suitable or not
  • Coding assessment test
  • An interview about coding and topic related to your business
  • Check the developer’s Social Media 

It’s easy to figure out how to hire a front-end developer. If you know how to your goal, what do you need. You will figure it out.  On the other hand, finding the right front-end developer,  is essential to your company, particularly when it comes to future-proofing. A talented front-end developer can help you succeed whether you’re struggling to scale quickly or need a way to attract more customers with fewer resources. If you are worried about looking for a suitable front-end developer, Please contact Landofcoder Team, we have a strong developers team, who have a professional in Magento developers in general, and Magento Front-end Developers in specific.

V. Where Are Magento Front-end Developers To Be Found?

There are a dozen ways to hire a Magento front-end developer. You can hire them at the freelancer apps ( Devlancer, Fiverr, Toptal, etc), IT websites, or on social media like Facebook group, Twitter,  etc)

If you want to hire a good Magento Front-end Developer, you need to make some questions about the main field. For instance, give them some codes and ask them what did they mean or some questions related to the Magento 2 versions. 

As well as some potential skills that help them fix and think logically are necessary and the way to solve and the ability to deal with all the things if emergency problems happen.

VI. Is the Magento 2 Front-end Certification Critical?

Magento Certification

A certificate of Magento Front-end can use in 1.5 years of experience customizing Magento 2 stores.

This assesses the skills and knowledge required to customize Magento 2 in the areas of UI modification, database changes, admin modifications, customizing checkout processes, accounting, integrated order management and customization, catalog structure, and changed functionality.

Certification for a senior Magento developer who has not only 2 years of experience in modifying and customizing Magento 2 stores, but also in the main teams and projects of Magento developers. They will know how to modify the core architecture of the Magento website and also forecast the effect of the customizations.

To be a good Magento Front-end Developer, Certification is definitely important. This will prove the skill and ability of the Developer. In another way, the Magento front-end certificate is like a measure, which helps developers get a better position. 

VII. Last Word

In the last word, this article helps you know more about becoming a Magento Front-end Developer, tending of these jobs and some tips to learn Front-end Developers in thesedays. Besides, this gives you the way to hire a Magento Front-end Developer, where to hire, and where to learn Magento Certifications. 

Once again, If you are worried about hiring the best Magento Front-end Developers, Let us do that for you. Devlancer also brings the opportunity to hire a dedicated Magento front-end developer or development team on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis, depending on the requirements of the project. 

Thank you for your reading.

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